About all my life , well since i got acquainted with poetry in my early teenager years, i’ve loved to read poems.

I love the feeling of being inspired and getting in touch with the somewhat sacred and secret air that surrounds a lot of poems.

I love the play with words, love to associate. I have always felt the need to be a creator in this way, but somehow i have never left the stage of “my first trials”. Well reading poetry is also a comfort in that sense, it revitalises my old dream and keeps me in touch with that anyhow important part of myself.

Most of the times i just read dutch poetry. The internet with all its free resources has brought me closer to works written in the english language. Nevertheless i’m still a beginner here.

Sounds like a nice challenging thing to try to discover and explore here some works of english and american poets and maybe also of poets in other languages for which i can find an english translation.

Storm of Roses

If you have any recommendations (based on seeing some of my choices here), you’re invited to let me know. I’ve no special area of interest. Words have to be inspiring, inviting and magical … with some playful touch …

I’m more interested in the magic of the game with words as in the (explicit) content. Though a good play with words enchants every content and an empty box of content doesn’t find the right words to give some magic. There is a natural exchange between these two.

Let’s try to see where we get.

Some Poetry Links


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