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… it was inevitable that I loved photography from a very young age.


As far as my photographic style goes, I am yet to settle on a genre, but I love the soft light of night, and making something beautiful out of something that is not. The more I travel down this path, the less “generic beauty” appeals to me. Occasionally I still feed my soul with a beautiful vista, or the splashing of waves, but generally, give me a dirty alley or a minimalist urban scene any day. “

via Laszlo Bilki | urbanphotomag.

Which evoked my words ….

well beauty is what is seen as beauty; it’s just an agreement with one’s culture, education or with one’s own findings …. What’s important and interesting for me in photography (and art in general) is the way one goes from one pic to another, how one trains one’s eye and perception in mind. The learning steps ….

I enjoy the way you make use of space in these examples. I agree with Ragnar about “Chep” , although i recognize a bit of my eye in “Ikea Colour 2″. Photography has made me love the combi’s of grey and color.