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… On many occasions, after receiving an email that seemed to be aflame, I have walked over to the persons office (…) to find out what they were really saying.In many cases what appeared to be a problem turned out to be poor communications in written form. How we use words can be very powerful. I have concluded that nothing in life can replace the face-to-face discussion to truly convey one’s thoughts and feelings.

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my reply at the original post:

of course in communication and in understanding eachother a face to face contact can be irreplaceable, especially in business-like matters i think.
I am not so sure that this is also true for a discussion, when getting a deeper insight. is at stake. For me reading and especially writing is the better speed to be able to follow my own thoughts and to deepen them.
Face to face contact can also be very disturbing. Social interaction is not always to the point ; both partners can be unequally prepared for a fair debate; being proved right is often more important than getting a clarified perception; and without this “struggle” having a pleasant time together can be the more important thing.
So i think it’s not one side or another; both ways can have their advantages, depending on the context and the subject.