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… On many occasions, after receiving an email that seemed to be aflame, I have walked over to the persons office (…) to find out what they were really saying.In many cases what appeared to be a problem turned out to be poor communications in written form. How we use words can be very powerful. I have concluded that nothing in life can replace the face-to-face discussion to truly convey one’s thoughts and feelings.

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my reply at the original post:

of course in communication and in understanding eachother a face to face contact can be irreplaceable, especially in business-like matters i think.
I am not so sure that this is also true for a discussion, when getting a deeper insight. is at stake. For me reading and especially writing is the better speed to be able to follow my own thoughts and to deepen them.
Face to face contact can also be very disturbing. Social interaction is not always to the point ; both partners can be unequally prepared for a fair debate; being proved right is often more important than getting a clarified perception; and without this “struggle” having a pleasant time together can be the more important thing.
So i think it’s not one side or another; both ways can have their advantages, depending on the context and the subject.


Imagination « Cristian Mihai



“Imagination is the voice of daring.
If there is anything
Godlike about God
it is that.
He dared to imagine everything.”

Henry Miller

Maybe that’s the most  quality an artist should have:
the ability to see more
than what others can’t see,
to see all the billion things hidden in plain sight,
to see what others are too busy to see.

Cristian Mihai

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inner conversation 4

i: Sometimes the difficulty of a problem is not so much the complexity of its nature or of its solution, but more the question how to get the simple idea which is the right key to its understanding..

 Me: woow, sounds well, but don’t understand what you mean; i think the problems with your pc have troubled you too much !

 I: [ sound laughing]  well yes they did and all the usual tricks didn’t work , no matter how many times i tried them over and over again ….

 Me: you sound fanatic ….

 i:well yes, in a way i am … in certain circumstances. Not being able to solve a puzzle , only makes the puzzle more challenging :lol

 Me: and how did it work out …

 I: in the end i was convinced the memory card was defect, so i tried to exchange them for some old ones which i  had kept in reserve from another pc.

 Me: and your problem was solved ….

 I: no …. and …. yes …

 Me: now you turn into a sphinx for me !

 I: well …..  the older memory cards didn’t fit; so i put back the original ones.

 Me: problem not solved …

 I: well, that’s what i thought too. Nevertheless i tried to start up the computer again …. and now it all worked …. well in such a way that i could refresh the system again.  Apparently there had been some  amount of static electricity upon those memory cards, which i have taken away by trying to exchange them for the other ones ….

Me: ahhh … think i’m gonna understand your riddle with which you started our conversation

I: yes, had i been able to think out of the box immediately or at least a bit earlier, i wouldn’t have lost such a lot of time !

Me: … but always glad with a happy ending

[both laughing loudly]

inner conversation 3

Me: I expected you here one of these days with a new post

I: yes you’re right, i really had some plans but …

Me: … you’re already tired of blogging around here all the time …

I: no, no, not at all, I was really starting to acquire a taste for it but …

Me: oh yes, other more important things to do like …

I:  no no no but it’s hard to blog when your home computer crashes again and again  … 

Me: oh I’ve heard much better and more original excuses among all these bloggers here … some of them even fill their blogs with a paper about their writer’s block … so no reason to be silent !

I [laughing] ah you don’t trust me ; I can’t help you …. it’s in your character …. but  $^%%&^^*&$%%65 there is that  very damned  blue screen again …. 

Me: [serious] oh, sorry …

inner conversation 2

Me: I would never have thought to fill up my blog so much with reblogs

I: (teasing)
well seems the others have more inspiration as you do have yourselve …

Me: you know, i just hope to giv’ it a quick start and i think I learn most when putting all these new things in practice rather instantly … ans yes there are some interesting things there outside here !

I: i guess you can be right …. and in this mosaic of choices you do show us something about yourself  ……. :D
but try to find a balance. Now you’re talking about photography in your   A b o u t   and you’re showing us your taste of music in your posts. You promised us    m o r e    there but …. you just let us wait for your story (the musical one, I suppose)

Me: oops… there is still a long way to go …

I:  a  very damned  long way … 

Very Great !


very damned true ! What about the word “great” :)

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inner conversation

Me: I thought i would have shown my flickr pics; here on this blog

I: well apparently it’s more easy to show your taste of music and what you liked in other blogs

Me: still have to think about the idea behind this blog and my real intentions

I: let me put it so,  planning is not your strongest characteristic, as far as i know you !
But take care ; this blog will be running its own way and will leave you by the wayside :)