inner conversation 4

i: Sometimes the difficulty of a problem is not so much the complexity of its nature or of its solution, but more the question how to get the simple idea which is the right key to its understanding..

 Me: woow, sounds well, but don’t understand what you mean; i think the problems with your pc have troubled you too much !

 I: [ sound laughing]  well yes they did and all the usual tricks didn’t work , no matter how many times i tried them over and over again ….

 Me: you sound fanatic ….

 i:well yes, in a way i am … in certain circumstances. Not being able to solve a puzzle , only makes the puzzle more challenging :lol

 Me: and how did it work out …

 I: in the end i was convinced the memory card was defect, so i tried to exchange them for some old ones which i  had kept in reserve from another pc.

 Me: and your problem was solved ….

 I: no …. and …. yes …

 Me: now you turn into a sphinx for me !

 I: well …..  the older memory cards didn’t fit; so i put back the original ones.

 Me: problem not solved …

 I: well, that’s what i thought too. Nevertheless i tried to start up the computer again …. and now it all worked …. well in such a way that i could refresh the system again.  Apparently there had been some  amount of static electricity upon those memory cards, which i have taken away by trying to exchange them for the other ones ….

Me: ahhh … think i’m gonna understand your riddle with which you started our conversation

I: yes, had i been able to think out of the box immediately or at least a bit earlier, i wouldn’t have lost such a lot of time !

Me: … but always glad with a happy ending

[both laughing loudly]


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