inner conversation 3

Me: I expected you here one of these days with a new post

I: yes you’re right, i really had some plans but …

Me: … you’re already tired of blogging around here all the time …

I: no, no, not at all, I was really starting to acquire a taste for it but …

Me: oh yes, other more important things to do like …

I:  no no no but it’s hard to blog when your home computer crashes again and again  … 

Me: oh I’ve heard much better and more original excuses among all these bloggers here … some of them even fill their blogs with a paper about their writer’s block … so no reason to be silent !

I [laughing] ah you don’t trust me ; I can’t help you …. it’s in your character …. but  $^%%&^^*&$%%65 there is that  very damned  blue screen again …. 

Me: [serious] oh, sorry …


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