inner conversation

Me: I thought i would have shown my flickr pics; here on this blog

I: well apparently it’s more easy to show your taste of music and what you liked in other blogs

Me: still have to think about the idea behind this blog and my real intentions

I: let me put it so,  planning is not your strongest characteristic, as far as i know you !
But take care ; this blog will be running its own way and will leave you by the wayside :)


9 thoughts on “inner conversation

  1. it’s in line with the way i follow :)

    And i hope that resembles somewhat wu wei

    Without going out the door, know the world
    Without peering out the window, see the Heavenly Tao
    The further one goes
    The less one knows

    Therefore the sage
    Knows without going
    Names without seeing
    Achieves without striving

    Source: Tao Te Ching – Chapter 47
    Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained, published by SkyLight Paths in 2006.
    Translation by Derek Lin

  2. we tend to believe the experiences in our life lie in the outerworld outside ourselves. I think the best experiences hide inside ourselves, wherever we are …
    Of course the outer world can help us (I like to go outside :D), but in essence …. we better search not too far away !

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