music (1 of 3) jazz

Well to get a good taste for reblogging, I maybe better also reblog this one to add another good taste of music to my blog :-) Thx Gavin !


jazz is one of my fave music(s).
i like all kinds of jazz from modern to
jelly roll morton. I have a massive collection. piano jazz is my fave.
it’s probably blasphemous to say, but I’m very fond of Keith Jarrett.
i have most of his stuff, but not all (there is so much)

this concert is the bomb.

ken burns did a fab doco to:

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2 thoughts on “music (1 of 3) jazz

  1. well the link works correctly (also when i am not logged in there) ; maybe it was a temporarily thing. Normally you can’t listen there really (when not being a paid member; athough there are some google plugins f.e. which make it possible to hear part of the lists), but lookin’ at the charts can give you some ijdea of my taste . Thx, glad you like the blog name :)

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